Top 10 Drift Cars of GTA 5 (2018) – Online Drifting Without the Use of Mods

The TOP 10 Drift cars of GTA online; without a doubt the most commented about video on this channel spanning over the past 10.5 months. There exists already a video explaining this information but it is no longer an accurate line-up to date and after waiting for Rockstar to release their vehicles of interest through the Doomsday drip feeding, it is time we made and released this information at no better time with Pro-Line Drift Series launching on XB1 in only a short time! Appreciate all the support and patience I have received through the channel and look forward to progressing forward with the Herd!

Track will be released soon!

Drifting For Beginners Here (Xbox, PS4, PC w/ controller) @

Patreon Page @

Register as a Member of the Community for Pro-Line Drift @

How To Drift Here @

Learn about Pro-Line Drift Series Here @


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