Cars 3: Piston Cup Racers 2006 vs 2017 NEW Racers Comparison SPONSORS

This video is a comparison of the Original Piston Cup Racers from Cars (2006) and the Piston Cup Racers from Cars 3 (2017), so you can see the similarities and differences between the sponsors, colors, cars designs, etc. Included in this Cars 3 list are:
Lightning McQueen Rusteze, The King (Strip Weathers) and Cal Weathers Dinoco, Vitoline, Faux Wheel Drive, Bumper Save, Sputter Stop, View Zeen, Tank Coat, Octane Gain, Tow Cap, Mood Springs, N2Cola, Gask-its, Lil’ Torquey Pistons, Spare Mint, Shiny Wax, Nitroade, and the new sponsors, COMBUSTR and Triple Dent Gum Racer Cars!!


Radiator Springs Theme (Unused Remix)

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