2018 HONDA the S2000 has been one of the best sports cars ever made

In production for little over a decade, the S2000 has been one of the best sports cars ever made. The first models used a tiny 2 liter naturally aspirated engine with a red-line of nearly 9,000 rpm and a perfectly balanced chassis. Unfortunately there haven’t been any similar models in the recent years. The MX5 and the 86 are quite soft in comparison to the original S2000 and none of them is really a performance sports car. So far not much has been said about the upcoming 2018 Honda S2000 but luckily they did confirm it.

The car is set to be released at the company’s 70th anniversary and it should be just in time to compete with the upcoming RX-8. However, the S2000 is expected to remain a two-door convertible with the performance of your usual sports car. We really do hope that Honda will stick to their roots and make a high performance model, just like the original was. So far it seems that they don’t really have a suitable platform.

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