2018 BYD Yuan EV360 Electric SUV Full Car Overview

BYD will release two pure electric SUVs in 2018, the Yuan EV360 and the Song EV 400. Specifically, the Song EV 400 will have a range of 400km, compared with the existing model’s range of 300km.

BYD Song EV 400 will feature an upgraded energy storage device, which will replace the lithium-iron phosphate battery with ternary lithium-ion phosphate battery. The new battery boasts high energy density, excellent low-temperature resistance and high-rate discharge property, offering a longer range and higher charging efficiency.

The BYD Yuan EV 360 adopts a big-mouth net-shaped intake grille in its front end. The model’s A-pillar and body features a design with different colors and its outside rear-view mirrors are black and blue. Moreover, the model features double waistline style on body side and a luggage rack on its roof. It is revealed that the new model will hit the market in the second quarter this year.

In terms of powertrains, the EV360 is equipped with lithium-nickel-manganese-cobalt batteries and a permanent magnet synchronous motor, delivering a maximum power output of 70kW and a highest speed of 120km/h, which is more powerful than the BAIC BJEV EX series.

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